Songs About Nothin

by Nothin Reitz

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2012 Demo - edition of four CDrs, with one of four hand-drawn covers
more "pressings" possible (make your own, goober)


released July 13, 2012

Additional vocals on Idle Holler by "200% Loser" Charlie K. Biller




Nothin Reitz Columbus, Ohio

Nothing Created // Nothing Lost

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Track Name: Maslow's Tomb
Interred in anxiety, Psychic deficiency
I've got a defect I Am socially inept

I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't breathe, I'm in need
I am sick. I am scared, I am stuck; this is hell
I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't breathe, I'm in need

Buried in Maslow's Tomb
Bury me in Maslow's Tomb
Track Name: Ballad of a One-Man Band
Once beneath a tepid sky Grown into a cancer
Every time that your warm rays Break clouds it rains for days
It feels just like crying But I know I don’t have the eyes
It sounds a lot like screaming But the echoes it seems are all lies

The only song that I ever knew Played alone with a broken arm
Slow, sad and warn-out; in a lock groove Awaiting my dying time

(Lead: Waylon on Willie)

I never wandered very far I don’t suppose I ever saw much use
‘Cause I only know just the one name And everyplace I go it's the same As lonesome as a drunkard Stranded in a dry town
Neck-deep in nothing but guilt And I’m wishing that I would just drown

The last song, I fear, that I'll ever hear Played alone with a broken arm Slow, sad and warn-out; in a lock groove Until my dying time
Track Name: Wearing Smiles
Shitfaced on pride; contently defenseless Confined to admire our inventions The sacred seat of penultimate satisfaction The fleeting prize held high and retracted “And we’re tired; we’ve grown weak God we want it, but it’s just out of reach”

(Lead: Inevitability of Obsoletion)

Starving for a cure to what we Long assured would happen
The only time we look up, Just to try and gauge reactions
Exhaling our pity, excreting denial Choke with every gasp
Always wearing smiles
Track Name: Apophenia
Billions of minds Synthesize meaning
Extraneous void; infernal, deceiving
Nothing created, nothing is lost But our paths have crossed
We've made the whole thing up, but We're always just behind it
We know nothing is there We’ll die to find it
Track Name: Idle Holler
Mournfully we sow Infertile fields of hope
Our bones whine and twinge To prevailing wintry winds
It seems the sun won't rise Until we close our eyes
And raise it from the darkness of our sleep

(Lead: Indentured Gratitude)