No Priest Blowing Blues

by Nothin Reitz


Nothin Reitz Columbus, Ohio

Nothing Created // Nothing Lost

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Track Name: Four Sisters Standing
When a horse gets old and can't carry a load
And it finds its way under ground
It gets hot down there for a few million years
Where there's a new way to get around
One to get getting while the getting was good
Was a Rockefeller who understood where one is fine and
Five is great to go ahead and get yourself seven or eight Or nine
So him and his friends didn't waste much time,
Drinking their milkshakes and yours and mine
Before they drank one up that didn't sit too well
A thirsty shake-slurper's daughter started raising hell
Ida M. got to raking muck 'till the state of Ohio had had
Enough - ran 'em out east, New Jersey way, where the
Department of Justice would have its say
Promised the world a beast they'd slay And we bought it

(Lead: Hubbert's Peak)

They broke the standard but others were birthed
There were seven sisters for what they were worth
Some didn't make it Others were married and
Down the line their trust was carried
Things got bad and got some worse
All of us now know their curse, but hey At least we fought it

Ida done something about it Though I don't know if
that is enough 'Cause four of those sisters still stand here
And they don't give a damn about us
Track Name: Gross Product
Born into debt can’t afford to die
Told to trust in god ‘cause gold is prone to lie
Your job doesn’t work their wealth has got no worth
Where are you to go when the bottom gets worse?

The factories and farmlands don't need you now
Why buy your milk when you own all the cows
Why buy at all when you can afford to just wait
Accumulate interest and speculate rates
Rest on your laurels; watch your ass grow
Ignoring your weakened legs trembling below
Downsize your footing to get one in the door
Cushion your fall on the cutting room floor

Call it inequal, call it class war
Murder and mortar which one costs more
Predicate life on unending growth
How long until you have exhausted both?

(Lead: Diminishing Returns)
Track Name: Reverse Pharmacology
Well, I could be better, though I know I've seen worse
Might not be the last time Sure won't be the first
I'll do something stupid like eat me some pills
If I can get up at sundown I'll trip on downhill

(Lead: State Sanctioned Confusion)

I'm not here to dance And I ain't here to fuck
If you're here to watch me drink, my friend, you're in luck
Just have to decide how I'm going to come down
If I'm starving the chills or I'm feeding a frown

When I get the best of me, To spite toxicology,
I find the best remedy Reverse pharmacology
Track Name: No Priest Blowing Blues
One, a-two, a-three, pass the pity pot please

There's-a no tree falling All alone in the deep-dank what
Ain't a-no-one calling 'N' If there was you'd still get hung up
All your favorite hate In your head try to fake a fit
If you got a-map a-fate There it is but you still take it

I Don't care where I'm going to There's-a no priest blowing blues
No hand claps Got no foot taps Don't need no shoes Don't need
A-no priest blowing blues